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Blinking Lights - Chapter 13

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Feb. 5th, 2010 | 12:07 am
posted by: shanebaby in ryanadams_slash

Title: Blinking Lights - Chapter 13/many
Pairing: Ryan Adams/Jack White
Rating: NC-17 in places
Warnings throughout: angst, character deaths, drink/drug abuse, homophobia.
Disclaimers: it never really happened, no disrespect meant, yadda yadda. it's all fictional, and purely for my own entertainment.
Notes: Fic starts somewhere in 2002. Some storylines are taken from real events, but most are completely made up. Also, Meg is written in as Jack's sister, not his ex-wife. Journal is friends-locked. Just comment or friend me to be added :)
Feedback: please do, i really appreciate it.

"There are two kinds of Christmas people, those who like their Christmas lights to stay on solid and those who like them to blink. As a kid, I always had a thing for sitting in the dark and watching the lights blink on and off at random. In the end, what we have are these little, great moments. They come and they go. That's as good as it gets. But, still, isn't that great?" - Mark Everett

Chapter 13

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