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Love Is Hell

Ryan Adams Slash
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So, you like Ryan Adams. But you think you like him more when he's 'involved' with other guys. Well, you've come to the right place.

This community is here purely for lovers of Ryan Adams Slash- meaning guy-on-guy for those of who you who have innocently stumbled here. Basically, you can post stories featuring Ryan Adams and anyone as long as they're male…

If you do post a fic, though, make sure that you put it under a cut and include the rating, pairing and a nice little disclaimer saying that what you've written is untrue and that you have no right to be writing about the characters. We would like to avoid any lawsuits if possible…

Un-Ryan-related posting is strictly prohibited, and anyone harassing members of the group, flaming, or advertising completely unrelated things will be barred from posting.

This community is moderated by ___vice_, and any comments, queries or complaints are to be directed to her- as comments through the community or on her journal.