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Blinking Lights - Chapter 6

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Jul. 19th, 2008 | 01:02 am
posted by: shanebaby in ryanadams_slash

Title: Blinking Lights - Chapter 6/many
Pairing: Ryan Adams/Jack White
Rating: NC-17 in places
Warnings: angst, character deaths, drink/drug abuse, homophobia.
Disclaimers: it never really happened, no disrespect meant, yadda yadda. it's all fictional, and purely for my own entertainment.
Notes: Fic starts somewhere in 2002. Some storylines are taken from real events, but most are completely made up. Also, Meg is written in as Jack's sister, not his ex-wife. 
Feedback: i really appreciate it.

Author notes: Sorry for the lengthy delay in getting this chapter up, i had problems with writing this one and am still not completely satisfied with it. But it'll have to do, as i'm sick of going round in circles! Also, from here on in, i'll be friends-locking my journal, so if you're interested in continuing reading, please just friend me :)

Chapter 6

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